I have the greatest friends... I'm so glad I met some great people at work who have my back and will be there for me

When I was at school, there was this really cool girl with whom I always wished to be friends, but was always too shy to approach her. She was so perfect, beautiful inside and out. We left school and moved onto college where we ended up in the same English Literature class together. Again, my lack of confidence got the better of me, and I never made any move to sit next to her or initiate conversation. She would never want to be friends with little ol’ me!

She was (spoiler alert, still is) this beautiful, classy, stylish, kind, confident, and smart woman. The kind of person you aspire to be.

We finished college, still no closer to becoming anything more than acquaintances. Until one day, actually when I was considering starting my blog, I finally got the courage to message her on Facebook asking if I could pick her brains about her own blog that she had already started. We met up for coffee at a local cafe, and we had a great time, she gave me tips for getting started, and we had a reminisce about old school days.

After we met up, motivated from our conversation, I got started with my blog, writing my first post, a juice recipe, that I then sent to her that she was so encouraging about.

Even after this little catch-up, I was still sure she was still too cool to be my friend, and she had only met up with me to be polite. So a year passed without much more interaction. Until one day, to my surprise, she invited me to a bake sale at her house to raise money for a charity project she was embarking on. She was to spend 3 months in Nicaragua working on a sanitation project. As I speak a good amount of Spanish, I invited her round one evening for a crash course in basic Spanish, in exchange for her teaching me how to perfectly ice a cake.

(Seriously, just look at her perfect her cakes are)

Find her on Instagram @sucreandepice

I swear, I was more nervous for this friend date than I have ever been for any date with any guy, ever.

Since that initial girl date, she has become such an integral part of my life. Her and I see each other at least once a week (though more like 3 times.)

In fact, we took the big step of calling each other our ‘best friend’ just a few months into our friendship. Things are serious between us ya’know. She is my go-to girl, my ride or die, my tell everything and leave no detail spared kinda friend.

The funny thing is that all of the things I used to think about her being too cool for me, and that she would never want to be my friend, she thought the same about me! (I mean, clearly she’s got mental problems, but I’ll take it.)

She has helped me through so many dark days and also shared so many of my best days too. She is my biggest cheerleader, and I am hers. I believe in everything that she wants to do, and I know that she deserves the absolute world. I am proud of her every day and she inspires me to be a better person.

This time next month, her and I will be in sunny Madrid, swish swish bishing around the city before we fly to Havana, making memories that will last a lifetime that we can reminisce about when we are grey, and old, but still fabulous, dancing after one gin and tonic, and buying stupidly over-priced lipgloss. I can’t wait.

The moral of the story? – Put yourself out there, text that person, tell people that they are important to you, be yourself, and beautiful souls will surround you.

Kathryn, thank you for changing my life. For always being there for me, and for never letting me feel like I’m ever alone. You are an incredible person, and I am lucky to call you my best friend.

I love you.

Yeah, we are DEFINITELY too cool


Until next time,

Emily x


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