Life Lessons From A Bonsai Tree

Today’s post stems from a conversation with a colleague at work. I have a bonsai tree sat on my desk, she noticed that the leaves were a little dusty and proceeded to give me tips to best look after my little plant.

She told me to give it a little shower to remove the dust, and also to remove 6 of the biggest leaves every week to encourage new growth. Bam, inspiration strikes.

bonsai-2484918_1280.jpgFor your hair to grow long and strong, it needs to be cut, and for my little bonsai to grow, it needs to lose a few leaves.

And the same can be said for people. The best emotional and mental growth often comes as a result of some hardship or pain.

As the great Kelly Clarkson once said, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ 😉

So when things happen to you that are less than desirable, remember that this is where the most growth comes from. After that pain has passed, you will be an even stronger and resilient person. Much like my bonsai tree will flourish after losing some of its biggest leaves, or your hair will grow longer and stronger after cutting off the dead ends, you too will grow.

Sure, I could just leave the leaves on my tree, and I have done for the past 6 months or so, but my tree wouldn’t really look any different 6 months from now without giving it a little tough love.

What struggles are you going through at the moment? How are they going to make you a stronger person in the long run? I know first had how easy it is to feel sorry for yourself, and to play an Oscar worthy performance of a victim. But nothing positive can come from that. Sure, please take time to look after yourself, lick you wounds and recuperate. But don’t wallow in that sadness, no matter how easy or natural that option feels. Pick yourself up and grow. Your future self will be so proud of you, and you will inspire so many others to conjure up the strength that you did.

Whatever hardship you might be going through right now, I hope that you are able to be the brave person that deep down I know you are, and that you rise up, grab life by the cajones and become the person your 5 year old self would be inspired by.

Until next time,

Emily x



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