A Week Of Headspace Meditation

In my ongoing quest for a less anxious self, I’ve decided to commit to meditating for 7 days in a row to see what effect it will have on my life!

Every day after my meditation, I’ll be sharing my thoughts in this post. After my 7th day of meditation, I’ll share how the whole experience was!

Meditation has been proven to help with anxiety and depression, and helps you become more present and calm. Who doesn’t want that?!

I decided to do this after watching a video that Mimi Ikonn posted on YouTube, it was a message to her younger self, and one of the things she said, was that meditation will change her life. She recommended an app called Headspace, which I had heard of before but never properly tried.

Headspace is a guided meditation, and gives you a practice to do each day for 10 days when you start.- But I’m going to start small and give it a week.

As I’ll be writing this every day, this will probably be like a diary, rather than my normal format. I hope you don’t mind!

Day 1

Today’s meditation was 10 minutes long, and was nice and simple. I started the meditation around 3pm. It was all about being mindful of the breath and easing you into meditation.

It was nice to take some time to do something positive for myself, and I do feel good now I’ve done it. But it definitely would have been lovelier if the I couldn’t hear the neighbours kids screaming next door! I think going forward I’m going to do my practice first thing in the morning, before too many people are up and about, as I found it quite hard to not be distracted by the noise. So far so good. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s practice!

Day 2

I meditated first thing this morning. And I must say that it was a far more peaceful experience. I sat on the sofa this time, simply to mix it up and to see if it was nicer. I actually think I preferred sitting on the floor cross legged propped up against the arm of the sofa as I did yesterday. Today’s practice was also 10 minutes and was very similar to yesterday’s. I noticed that my neck felt a bit tense this morning, so that’s new! It may just be because I’d just gotten up so it hadn’t been moved much yet today.

Post meditation this morning I felt much more awake and refreshed than I had done before I started. I think morning meditation is the way forward!

Day 3

Today’s meditation was not easy! I didn’t meditate in the morning as I slept longer than intended, so it ended up being in the evening, about 7.30pm. I sat on the floor, but felt so fidgety. It was impossible for me to sit still. I don’t know whether it’s because I’d been at work today so sitting still after sitting all day just wasn’t going to happen, I don’t know. But I persevered and got through it. Maybe on the days that are more difficult, it’s even more important to commit as there’s more going on in your mind? I’m not sure. But I’m going to make the effort to meditate in the morning tomorrow I think!

Day 4

I meditated first thing in the morning today, and it was so much better than yesterday’s practice! Perhaps because I was still sleepy so my body was less awake. It was so much easier to sit still. I sat cross legged propped against the arm of the sofa as I’ve found this the most comfortable way to sit during my practice, my mind did wander a fair bit, but every time I realised that my mind had drifted off, I pulled it back. After my practice I felt so much more awake and ready for the day.

Morning meditation definitely works best for me, so I’m going to try and commit to mornings for the rest of the days.

Day 5 (actually 2 days later)

So I skipped a couple of days of meditation. I was far too hormonal and PMS-y to focus on doing anything else than laying on the sofa binge watching Jane The Virgin or laying in bed. I’m annoyed at myself for having missed the 2 days, but I’m back at it today! Today I actually meditated in my car in a car park. I met a friend this morning for breakfast, and so was up and getting ready quite early. I didn’t have time to meditate before I left the house, but did luckily arrive at my destination about 15 minutes early. So I decided there was no time like the present and opened my Headspace App. I actually really enjoyed today’s meditation. I found it really easy to sit still and keep my eyes closed, I could hear the birds outside and the car park was luckily very quiet. I’m so pleased I’m back into it after a couple of days of laziness, and that I’ve not just let it fall to the wayside.

Day 6

Today’s meditation was really nice. I sat propped against my sofa first thing after I woke up. This is definitely my favourite time/place to do my daily practice. I’ve found that in my previous practices I’ve always ended up with really annoying itches that I have given into and scratched, but today I really tried to observe them and not scratch them. It was an interesting exercise to try as it took a lot of effort not to just scratch the itch.

Day 7

This morning I practised the discipline of not scratching those pesky itches again. It was really difficult, but I think if I want to get the most of my meditations I need to learn to ignore any little niggles so I can go deeper into the exercise. Again I sat against my sofa on the floor.

Final Thoughts

So now my week of meditation is up, how do I feel?- I feel somewhat calmer throughout my day after my meditation, and I think that with ongoing practice, the benefits would only increase.

It’s been really nice to take some time every day to completely focus on myself. It’s a really great commitment of self love, and I have actually felt really good about myself simply for the fact that I’ve taken that time to work on my mental state. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut of day to day life and not to give a second thought to your mental health.

I think I will stick with a regular routine of meditation, and I think the Headspace app is a great place to start. I like that it isn’t pretentious, it’s really simple, and it is only 10 minutes a day. Being guided through the meditation is really nice too, as I think when you first start it’s really difficult to know what to do with your thoughts when you’re on your own. I definitely feel a difference on the days that I do meditate in the morning, and so I totally do believe all of the claims about meditation.

Have you given meditation a go? How has it helped you?

Emily x


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