Give The Gift Of Life

So today’s post is a bit morbid, but it’s something I’ve wanted to write about for a little while. I’ll keep it short, sweet and to the point so as not to go on about it too much! But here goes:

Nobody wants to think about death. Yet it’s the only thing that’s certain in life.

Everybody is born, everybody dies… Apart from that, nothing is a given. Every single other thing that happens to you in your life is entirely up to chance and choices.

We all have different ideas about what happens when you die, but one thing I think we can all agree on, is that your body is not needed, regardless of what happens.

So why not leave a legacy when you go? Why not help someone else live a healthier and longer life by being an organ donor?

I know a lot of people feel a little weird about being an organ donor. But I really like the idea that a part of me can live on in someone else, and that I can help people after I’m gone.

I’m not sure if I’d donate something whilst I’m still alive, but after I’m gone, my body can be your very gory pick and mix. (as long as you’re like, a surgeon or something…)

I signed up when I changed my address on my driver’s license, but you can also sign up here.

If you’re on the organ donor list, I’m so glad you are. And if you’re not, I hope this post has at least made you consider it. Ultimately it’s your choice, so do whatever you are most comfortable with.

Until next time

Emily x



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