Top 5 highlights from June

June. Where’dya go?! Happy July everyone!

I hope everyone has had a fab month and are ready to make this next month even better. Today I thought it would be nice to take a moment to reflect on the month of June and share my personal highlights.

  1. I went to my first yoga retreat- Mid month my friend Kat and I went to a 1 day yoga retreat in the town where I live. It was run by the lovely Amber from Yoga Retreat Holidays. The day started with meditation on the beach, and then a walk up to the East Hill in Hastings, where we found a secluded spot for a great yoga session. After the yoga, we had the most amazing vegan picnic with fresh juice. It was a stunning warm and sunny day and I enjoyed it so much. I highly recommend you give her website a visit as she runs yoga retreats in the Lake District and in Menorca too.

    Meditation on the beach. I’m in the baby pink top.- Photo courtesy of Yoga Retreat Holidays on Facebook.
  2. I finally upgraded my laptop- After writing my blog posts on my phone for pretty much as long as I’ve had my blog. I finally upgraded my laptop so it actually works! My old laptop had Windows XP, Google Chrome wouldn’t update anymore because the laptop was so old, I had to remove the battery as I kept on getting error messages from it, it took about 30 minutes to turn on, loading pages took about 10 minutes, and it used to overheat so quickly. In all, it was time for a new one! I went for the HP Pavilion Notebook with a 15.6 inch screen as I prefer laptops with a bigger screen. I’m only really planning on using this laptop at home so I wasn’t too worried about the portability of it. So far it’s been a great investment and I’m really happy with it.

    My lovely shiny new laptop
  3. My most successful blogging month. June was my most successful month to date for my blog. And I think that is mainly down to the fact that I upgraded my laptop. I’ve fallen even more in love with blogging since it’s so much easier now! I’ve been using my actual camera to take photos too, rather than my phone as now I can finally upload them. Thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to visit my blog, and I hope that you get some value and enjoyment from it!

    best month
    Views as shown on my WordPress insights
  4. We had a heatwave! I love summer, and I love hot weather. So the heatwave that we had mid month made me so happy. Here’s hoping that July brings just as beautiful weather.

    Photo from my Instagram: @emilygracebridger
  5. Reunited with one of my best friends. One of my best friends moved back to the UK from her year studying abroad in Spain. It’s so lovely to have her back! Just one more friend to move her tooshie back to England from Chile, and then we will all be together as one!

Sure, June also had it’s challenges. But I think it’s nice to look back and think about the good things that happened, because for some reason we find those things so easy to ignore. So many other great things happened during this month, but these were certainly highlights.

What were your highlights from June? Comment below!

Here’s to a wonderful July.

Until next time,

Emily x


2 thoughts on “Top 5 highlights from June

    1. I did, it was so lovely! Tell me about it, she’s like a walking breath of fresh air. I’d love to do one of her low tide classes but I’m always working when they’re on. Highly recommend the retreat though!


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