A Little List of Things I Love

So the other day I was reading a blog post written by my lovely friend, Kathryn, and in that post she shared a list of things that she loves. I loved how most of the things on her list were not necessarily material items. And following on from my previous post about gratitude, I thought this would work nicely as a continuation.

So without further ado, here’s a little list of things that bring me immense joy and/or satisfaction.

Books. All books. I love the look of books, the smell of books, oh.. and reading them too! Finishing a book and having to take a moment to re-establish the real world because you’ve been so entranced by world in the story you have just read.


Sitting down with a cup of tea. Tea just makes all of lives problems disappear for a little while.

Baking. There is little more satisfying than baking something from scratch, and then sitting down with the aforementioned tea to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


When you get of a plane and the heat hits your face. The real holiday feeling.

Baths. Laying in a warm bath after a long day to warm you when you’re chilled to the bone, or relax your tired muscles.

Days where you can leave the house and not have to ask yourself if you need to bring a jacket. Those gorgeous summer days that you know are going to stay warm and lovely until sunset.

Freshly washed towels. Especially if they’ve just been tumble dried too. Wrapping yourself in a clean, fresh, warm towel is one of the best feelings.

Hearing ‘I love you.’ Not only hearing those words, but knowing that the person who is saying it, means it. Instant heart fuzzer right there.

Movies from my childhood. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve watched ‘Roman Holiday,’ it’s one of my mum’s favourite movies so we watched it a lot when my sister and I were kids. Watching it now still gives me a happy heart. (Even if I always cry at the end.)

The beach. Sitting on the pebbles (or sand) looking out to the great expanse of water in front of you. Watching the waves roll in. Simply perfect. IMG_3215[1]

Having my nose stroked. Laying down with someone stroking from between my eyebrows to the tip of my nose is the best feeling ever.

When a song that you love but haven’t heard for ages comes on the radio. You best believe I’m singing every single lyric, and don’t try and talk to me whilst I’m in the zone. Euphoria.

Spooning. Always the little spoon, the feeling of being cuddled makes you feel so protected and invincible.

These are just some of the things that make my heart smile. I’d love to hear what things you love. Comment below 🙂

Until next time,

Emily x


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