We Are 1 Year Old!

So Mulberry Grace turns 1 year old today!

How time flies, hey?

After the encouragement of my boyfriend to start a blog, and the help from the lovely Kathryn from KayaStewart for her tips and tricks for getting started, I took the plunge and set up this site.

I’m so glad I made the decision a year ago today to start my little corner of the internet and publish my first post, a juice recipe, that you can read here.

It’s been a fantastic platform for me to share loads of positive things, as well as a therapeutic tool to write about the not so perfect things.

I’m so grateful for every single person who has taken the time out of their busy lives to read posts that I have shared and supported me along the way, it means a lot to me, and I hope that I’ve at least brought something useful or enjoyable to your life.

In the past year mulberrygrace.com has been read in 66 countries across all continents. (except Antarctica… Anyone know someone there?! Hit me up) 😉 Never did I think that people all over the world would be interested in what I have to say!

I’m glad I’ve stuck to my guns and only posted things that I really want to share, and not just posted things for the sake of it. I hope that conveys in my writing.

My hopes for the next year?

  • I hope to bring you even more content covering anything and everything that I feel passionate about and want to share.
  • I hope to up my writing and photography game to bring you higher quality posts. Any tips or feedback are of course welcome!
  • I hope to grow my Facebook and Instagram pages over the coming year so I can keep in touch with my lovely readers outside of my blog. (Facebook here, Instagram: @MulberryGrace)
  • I hope to partner with some fantastic brands that I truly love and believe in to bring you reliable and trustworthy reviews and recommendations.

And most of all, I hope to bring a little joy and escapism to my readers from the stresses of everyday life.

I’ll keep it short and sweet for today and leave it here. But lastly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all of your support over the past year.

Here’s to many more years of Mulberry Grace!


Until next time.

Emily x


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