Things I’ve been loving

Oh hey there friends!

Nice of you to nip in. Why not grab a seat, I’ll pop on the kettle for a cuppa and a good old catch up?! There have been a few things that I’ve been loving lately that I would like to share with you.

First off can we just talk about these beautiful sparkly bits? I went to the Ideal Home show with my nan and sister at the beginning of April and found this lovely bracelet and necklace. I love how they are dainty enough to be everyday wear items, but also stand out and are a bit unique. They are handmade and I haven’t seen many things like this which makes me love them more!

Next up I’ve  got to mention my love affair with succulents and cacti.

I just love how they perk up the room and bring life into the home. Not only are they great to have around for the fact that they oxygenate the air, but I just think they look gorgeous. The bonus too is that they are super simple to take care of!

I had some time off work over Easter, and I spent a large portion of it baking! All thanks to this amazing cookbook! (Thank you Lorna for lending it to me!)

Honestly every recipe I’ve tried from this book has been an absolute winner in my eyes. Banana bread, coconut and pineapple cupcakes, and chocolate hazelnut cupcakes have all gone into my belly and made me very happy! I definitely need to buy this book for myself. I love that the recipes are something a little different. They have also been hits with my friends and family who have tried them.

Click here to buy the two books I have been using from Amazon: The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, The Hummingbird Bakery Life is Sweet

And on that delicious note, I’ll leave it there for today.

Until next time!

Emily x


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