Making Everyday Things Special: Hygge

So you’ve probably heard the word ‘Hygge’ making it’s rounds in the social media world, in fact, like me, you might be sick to death of the word. For this post’s sake, let’s stick with this word for it.

But there’s something to be said for the concept, which is the idea that you can make everyday moments more meaningful and pleasurable by making small changes to the action.

For example; lighting a candle with dinner, drinking water from a wine glass, or having fresh flowers next to your bed.

These are things that don’t necessarily serve a function, and don’t require much additional effort, but make the whole experience much more luxurious.

The phrase hygge could be used interchangeably with the words; contentness, cosiness, happiness, security, homeliness, as well as many other words that evoke a feeling of calm.

So how do I incorporate these small moments of hygge to my own life?

  • I light a candle whenever I have a bath, I also often play relaxing music (pretty much always by Liane La Havas) or I listen to podcasts or audiobooks

  • I wear my expensive perfumes to work. I don’t save them for a special occasion, rather I make every day feel that little bit more special for wearing the perfume

  • I brew my tea properly and drink it out of my favourite mug in the morning
  • As well as just having a candle burning when I have a bath, I also have one burning pretty much constantly when I’m just sitting watching TV, in the evenings I also light fairy lights and have my lamps on a low setting to create a soft and relaxing environment
  • I make sure I feel comfortable at home by having plenty of blankets around to snuggle under

  • I have plants in my home, simply because they brighten my mood when I look at them
  • I will allow myself a couple of digestive biscuits with a cup of tea in the evening. Biscuits are good for the soul

These are just some of the things I do to add more cosiness and relaxation to my life. Not everything needs to be go go go all of the time.

I know that it’s not always possible for everyone to be able to live a life full of ‘hygge’ moments, as you may work very long hours, or have children running around all day. But capturing those moments where you can will add an immense sense of calm to your otherwise hectic day.

I am a naturally anxious person, and often live off my nerves. But l I think adding these little touches of comfort and coziness do a lot for my mental state.

Remember to always look after yourself first. Because if you are full of calm and content, you will be able to pass that on to others far more easily.

Think of oxygen masks on a plane. They tell you to always fit your own one first, and then help others. You would be no good to that person that you’re trying to help if you pass out half way through putting their mask on due to your own lack of oxygen.

Look after yourself, make the small moments special.

Because there are far more of the small, seemingly unimportant moments in our life than there are big ones.

Until next time,

Emily x



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