Pom Pom Garlands

Try and say Pom Pom without smiling. 

You can’t do it can you? 

I ruddy love a good Pom Pom and recently made myself a garland of them to hang in my living room. I absolutely love it. People always mention it when they come over, and I’ve had a few people mention that they would like one too. 

Since I really enjoyed making this one in my living room:

I decided that I was going to make more, and offer them to other for them to purchase. 

The first one I made was this peach/coral theme one, which was quickly claimed by my lovely friend Nadine. 

She also wanted one for her son so I made this one for her too, using different shades of blue/green:

This one would be perfect for a little boys bedroom, or any other room for that matter! I love the mermaidy kind of colours I used in that one.

I then felt like making something super bright that reminded me of a Latin fiesta, using bright pink, yellow and green on a hot pink ribbon, I love this garland so much! 

All of the garlands shown are 2 meters in length (apart from the first one which is 4 meters) and all cost £10 each to buy. 

If you would like to proudly hang one of these in your home to add a splash of fun to your home decor, please message me via my Facebook page ‘MulberryGrace’

Prices start from £7.50 for a 1 meter garland. Each additional meter is £2.50 extra. 

I hope to hear from you soon

Emily x


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