My cuppa tea. The Proper Tea Co 

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am bloomin’ obsessed with tea. 

Nothing excites me more than the prospect of trying a new tea. (Anyone know where I can get one of those things… I think it’s called ‘a life’?)

But there is one brand of tea that sits head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion. 

Nothing in the supermarket or from higher end tea companies can touch this brand. I love this brand of tea like it was my child. 

And that brand is The Proper Tea Co. They are a local company who manufacture in a town just down the road from where I live called Pett.

And their teas are the bomb. 

They are often found around East Sussex at the town markets, but can also be purchased online. Generally a 100g pouch of their tea costs £4.50, so is a fantastic price for something that is made locally to me, has a fantastic range of flavours as well as being a great quality. 

The man who runs at the market stalls is always really great at helping you find the tea he thinks you will enjoy the most and is so passionate about the products which is so lovely to see. 

My absolute favourite tea from them is actually the first tea I tried, which is their coconut black tea. My favourite type of tea is black tea, and I love coconut flavour anything so I knew right from the get go,that I would enjoy this one, but it knocked my socks off when I tried it. It is the perfect tea. It smells amazing, tastes amazing and is never bitter. 

This tea will legit change yo’ life. 

Their Blood Orange Black Tea tastes and smells just like a Jaffa cake. It’s the perfect tea for when you’re craving that indulgent chocolatey yet fruity taste that only a Jaffa cake will satisfy. No need for milk or sugar. It’s amazing.

The Vanilla Black Tea is a really nice black tea with just that added extra something special. It’s perfect tea that just feels indulgent and luxurious. The perfect accompaniment to a good slice of cake, or on its own to help curb those sweet cravings as it feels like such a treat.

The Turmeric Gold Spiced Herb Tea is the latest addition to my collection and is the only non black tea I have from them. This one first caught my attention when I saw them tweet about it. First off turmeric is a superfood so I knew that it would be something I would want to try, but when I saw the tea man at my local market and asked him about it, he described it as a warming and indulgent blend that super smooth and just downright delicious. Sold.

This tea when I first opened it, I thought smelt a little like liquer chocolates, but once brewed it just turns into something special that I can’t even explain. In all you have to try it. 

I don’t think this company gets the attention it deserves, and if I have introduced just one person to this amazing brand of tea, I’ll reward myself with a cup of tea. Haha. 

Every single flavour I have tried from this company has been a complete hit, and I can’t wait to try more! 

Give The Proper Tea Co a try and thank me later.

Until next time,

Emily x

P.s. If the lovely people at The Proper Tea Co are reading this. I will gladly be chief tea taster should you wish to send some my way 😉


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