Health Benefits Of Lemons

So it seems that everybody and their cat has been struck down with some sort of cold or flu this winter.

So I’ve been looking about for natural foods that I can use to help boost my immune system so it can fight off any illness that might be coming my way.

In my research I found one ingredient that just kept on popping up, and that is the simple lemon!

And it turns out the humble lemon offers a million and one health benefits. Below are just some of the things lemon can help with:

  • Boosting your immune system. Not only does it contain high levels of vitamin C, but it also helps drain your lymphatic system. (For more information on how to drain your lymphatic system, click here)
  • Balancing your PH levels. Although lemons are acidic, once consumed they become alkaline in your body. The more alkaline you can make your body, the healthier you will be as disease thrives in an acidic environment.
  • They help you digest fat. Drinking lemon water before a meal will help support your gall bladder in digesting the fats in your food.
  • Helps reduce inflammation due to the presence of quercetin. This can help with things like arthritis, heart disease, and other inflammation related diseases.
  • Lemons also help nourish the liver, which will help your body become more efficient at detoxifying.
  • Due to the presence of D-limonene, lemons have anti-carcinogenic properties. This chemical has been shown to reduce some tumor growths. (For more info on D-limonene please click here)
  • Helps improve your mood due to the fresh smell.
  • Weight loss. Not only does lemon help you digest the fat in the food you eat, but they also help break down existing body fat. (Even just smelling lemon essential oil before a meal can help reduce hunger cravings.)

How impressive is that?!

I love to add a couple of slices of lemon to a cup of hot water and drink it like a tea for a refreshing but warm drink. Which is especially nice if you’re cold or feeling a little under the weather.

Lemon water is great first thing in the morning to help kick start your digestive system, but in all honesty, it’s fantastic any time of day!

Squeeze it into your water for a refreshing and all natural alternative to plain water, drink warm as a sort of tea, squeeze over salads, however works best for you!

Lemons are a brilliant way to help detox your body and increase vitality. They can be found in any supermarket, they are affordable, and it’s so easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

They’re definitely a winner in my book!

Until next time,

Emily x


2 thoughts on “Health Benefits Of Lemons

  1. I have just learnt loads! *goes out to buy lemons…..
    Honestly tho, I am jumping on this. Thinking maybe it will be nice squeezed onto my natural fat free yogurt and porridge oats I have for breakfast instead of the sweetener I use… 🍋


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