Decorating Your Christmas Tree On A Budget

It’s December! Which means it’s a month of festivities and food. And your home smelling amazing because you have a real Christmas tree. (It’s not Christmas without a real tree… Amirite?)

As you may well know if you have visited my blog before, I moved into my flat at the end of August this year so this is my first Christmas in my home away from my parents.

Naturally this meant didn’t have any Christmas decorations.

Today I thought I would share how I decorated my tree on a small budget.

For my Christmas tree theme I wanted a ‘candy cane’ colour scheme. So this meant reds, whites, and silvers. I wanted it to feel quite traditional and cosy with not too much glitter.

So I popped down to my local Pound Stretcher and another discount store to pick up my decorations.

I got a mix of different baubles, but I made sure to stick with the same kind of colour palette.

I used candy canes as a decoration too. This pack of 10 cost me less than £1. In total (not including the lights) I spent less than £10 on baubles.

I got my lights from Amazon. I’m really impressed with them. I chose the warm coloured ones as I wanted my living room to look nice and cosy when it is lit up. (Click here to buy the same ones as me.) I chose the 20m length as I wanted there to be quite a lot of lights on my tree as I wasn’t going to have tinsel or beads on it.

I love this gingerbread man garland! I think it looks so homely and happy 🙂

I love the mix of different decorations on this tree, but they all tie in nicely together as they keep to the same colour scheme.

Here’s how my tree looks all lit up at night! It feels so cosy and festive in my home right now.

Of course as the years go by I will add some more special ornaments to my collection of decorations, but as my first tree starting from scratch, I think it looks rather lovely 🙂

Until next time,

Emily x


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