Should You Cut Your Hair Short?

Sometimes going to the hairdressers is so scary if you’re considering cutting a lot of it off. 

You get so used to your hair being the length that it is that you worry you won’t be able to pull off a new style. Or that the new cut will require a lot of styling and maintenance.

You get into a routine of doing your hair every day and it becomes so quick and easy to do that any change to this is a little daunting. (First world problems hey!)

But sometimes you just need to change it up and try something new. 
I had been thinking for a few months that I wanted to cut a considerable amount off the length of my hair, but was worried to do it as my hair is quite wavy and I like to wear it natural on an every day basis. I was worried that if I cut my hair that my waves would make my hair bounce up too much and I would end up looking much older than I am or that I would have to blow dry or straighten it every day. 

But I decided that I need to not be so precious about my hair. It’s just hair. It’ll grow back if I don’t like it. And I might love it.

There are ways that I could style it differently so it looks okay whilst it grows out if I really hate it. 

So one Saturday morning I was walking past the salon where my sister works. I popped in to say hello, and thought screw it. Just cut it now. 

So my sister got her scissors out and went to work! 
Below are before and after photos of my new hair. 

Now I didn’t go drastically short, but I’m sure you’ll agree it is quite the change! 

Before: my hair would reach almost to my waist if all my hair was at the back and it was straight.

After: my hair is now about shoulder length. 

I love my new hair cut! It feels nice to almost have a fresh start with it. I used to struggle a lot with frizzy hair when it was long but that’s not a problem any more! 

If you are thinking about going short make sure to bring lots of photos of the kind of thing you want and show the stylist. This gives them a much better idea of your expectations and you’ll be a thousand times more likely to be happy with the result! Just explaining with words (or interpretive dance) might result in miscommunication of what you want.

And if you don’t like it once it’s done? It’s hair, it’ll grow, and you’ll get over it! 

Until next time

Emily x


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