How To Achieve Your Goals And Life The Life You’ve Always Wanted

Today I was out wandering in my local town with my nan and mum. We had a lovely browse around the junk and antique shops, in the gorgeous quirky higher end shops, around the market and even watched an unexpected drumming procession (watch a video of that on my Instagram! @emilygracebridger)

Sneaky shot of my brother under that hood!

One of the last shops we popped into was St. Leonard’s Modern Goods (visit her shop here.) We got chatting to the lovely lady who owned it. And I was not expecting to exit that shop with such a new outlook on my future!

This lady has a background in fashion, and loves to design her own bags. She opened an online shop a few years ago selling the bags she makes. (Which are stunning by the way!) 

She always had wanted her own shop, and a little while ago she found the perfect premises to open this shop. 

However she did not have the money to put the deposit down to secure the shop to be hers.

This didn’t stop her.

She believed that she could make her dream a reality. 

She started a crowdfunding campaign offering her leather goods as a reward for donating money towards her deposit. 

40 people donated, mostly strangers. 40 people believed in her dream and wanted to support her. 

She raised the money for her deposit and opened her shop earlier this year. 

Had she have worried about the how of her dream, she probably would never have taken the jump that was necessary to achieve her goal. 

But she didn’t worry about the how. She just decided what she wanted to do and believed that she could do it. 

I absolutely love that. So often we preoccupy ourselves with worrying about how we will do something, that we never end up taking a single step to actually do it. 

Just go for it and trust yourself that you can achieve your dream. 

Take action today. The sooner you do that, the sooner your dream will become a reality. 

Now I’m not sure exactly what I want to do with my life. I would like to do something creative. I would love to provide something to people which will make their life just that little bit more lovely. 

I don’t know what that’ll be, but I’m damn sure on a mission to figure it out. 

I’ll be taking every and any opportunity that might lead me to my dream life. 

The moral of the story? 

Just go for it. You’ll never make it if you don’t take that first step. Don’t delay what you want just because you’re worrying about how to start. Jump head first into the life that YOU want. 

You never know, maybe 40 strangers will also believe in you more than you might believe in yourself.

Until next time 

Emily x


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