Conscious Purchasing

Minimalism is a concept I’ve been flirting with for about 6 months now. It’s a nice feeling to know that you are not overburdened by stuff. Stuff that you do not need and only makes your life more stressful. 

Stuff that:

  1. You waste money on.
  2. Takes up space in your home.
  3. You have to clean.

When I moved into my home, I wanted to start as I meant to go on. This meant not going absolutely mad in TK Maxx picking up every pretty home décor item that caught my eye (as much as it pained me to leave those things behind at the time!)
And I feel like I have been somewhat successful in my endeavour.

Now I will never be that person who can fit all of their belongings in a backpack. I still like to have my home comforts. But I’m just trying to be a more conscious consumer and not bring things into my home unless I love or need them.

There are a few questions I ask myself before bringing something into my home. Be it clothes, décor, bath and body products, or even food!

Below I made you a handy dandy flow chart to help you decide whether you should buy an item or not:

Chart created with
Making sure to fully think about my purchases before going to the till and paying (mostly) saves me from buying things that I later regret.

I am absolutely not perfect with this. My main downfall is in the supermarket, I’ll see something that I fancy eating right there and then, put it in my trolley and then when I get home I wonder what the hell I was thinking, and I feel such guilt for having bought that unnecessary thing. I’ll generally still eat or use it, but I honestly get mad at myself every time I see that food item in my cupboard or fridge.

I try and learn from the mistakes I make. every time I make a silly impulse purchase I make sure I remember how I felt after bringing that item home, and I make sure not to do it again. I know this is a process and it will take time to undo the lifetime I’ve had of not considering things before buying them.

Taking more time to fully think through a purchase before I make it saves me untold amounts of money and helps me keep a clutter free home, full of only things I love or need.

I find keeping a clutter free home makes me feel less anxious, which is always a bonus!

What are the questions you ask yourself before buying things? I would love to know!

Until next time.

Emily x


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