Keeping A Tidy Home 

Let me start by saying that I do live on my own in a 1 bedroom flat, I do not have children creating mess wherever they may go, or even another adult that I live with who also creates their own mess. 

For the most part I would say I’m a pretty tidy person, but I’m certainly not perfect and every now and then I do feel the mess levels creeping up and I need to prevent that mess from getting out of control.

The one thing that I’ve found really helps maintain a clean and tidy home is spending a little time each night just before bed just straightening up the home. 


The main area I find that seems to get the messiest first, is the kitchen. I don’t have a dishwasher so the plates really can start piling up quite quickly and make the kitchen look less than perfect! I try my very best to do the dishes every night so I don’t have to wake up in the morning to dirty dishes from the night before.

I also make sure to disinfect the counter tops every night before bed using Dettol spray and a microfibre cloth. This makes such a huge difference! 

How my kitchen looks before I go to bed! (I leave my dishes on the draining board to dry over night.. I’m not about that drying up life)


Now it would make sense that the room I spend the most time in, would always be running the risk of getting pretty messy with bits and bobs such as bobby pins, empty cups and used makeup wipes where I remove my makeup whilst watching TV. But I always make sure to pick up all of these miscellaneous items and return them to their correct spot before going to sleep. 

Fully aware that my curtains don’t fit… They were the longest I can find… My windows are ginormous!

I find that it really helps to keep a somewhat minimal theme throughout my home. It means the place feels bigger, and there’s less clutter around to make the place feel untidy! 

Before bed I also straighten the cushions on my sofa, fold the blanket, put that on the back of the sofa and tuck the footstool under my coffee table to make the room look neat. 

I also always put my remote controls away, I find these can really clutter up the surface they are kept on! So I keep mine in a little box under my TV to keep them out of sight when I’m not using them. 


Now in advance, let me just say that my bedroom is nowhere near finished. This is the room that’s been the most neglected since moving, so it does look pretty bare. Nevertheless I try to keep it looking as tidy as possible.

The main tasks here before bed are putting away any clothes either back into my wardrobe or into my laundry basket, or putting things back into my dressing table drawers that have been left on top from the morning. 

Doing these things makes my deeper clean much easier as I have taken these daily steps to stop things piling up! 

Taking a maximum of 15 minutes before bed really helps me maintain a clean and tidy home that I enjoy being in. Of course it’s by no means perfect, but its my home and I’m happy in it. 

I hope this has inspired you to do a little tidy up in the evening before you go to bed. I’m promise it’ll make your whole morning a bit nicer when you wake up to a clean and tidy home. 

Until next time

Emily x


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