Tips For Moving Out On Your Own

So you may well know from my last blog post, that I have just moved out from my parents into my first home on my own! 

I thought I would share my tips for moving out on your own (or just moving on a budget!)

1. Set a savings goal. 

Figure out exactly how much money you need to move out. This will include any estate agent fees, money you need to buy furniture, right down to the basic food shop that you will need to do to get yourself set up. Write down that goal and save like a mofo until you reach it! (For tips on saving money, click here!) Make sure that your goal is realistic too. When I first decided I wanted to move out, I had in my head that I needed £3,000 to move. I then realised that was a ridiculous amount and I could actually move on less than half that, which I managed to save in 1 month.)

2. Buy second hand.

I can’t tell you how much of my stuff in my flat is second hand, but I can tell you, it has saved a tonne of money.

My sofa, rug and coffee table are second hand. The sofa is from the Facebook for sale group (it cost me a grand total of £30) my coffee table is also from the for sale site on Facebook. (£20) and the rug was my mums so it was free! 

3. Don’t be too proud

Don’t be too proud to accept hand me downs or help from people. My Nan for example, was sorting out her kitchen and had a bunch of things that she was getting rid of. Guess who inherited them! The same happened with my cousin and her husband, they had bought new pots and pans, so I had their old ones and they work perfectly well. 

4. Accept that it might take some time. 

You need far less than you think. And you can manage without a lot of things if you need to. Don’t feel like you need to have bought absolutely everything you want before or straight after moving. Relax and take your time finding things that you really love! There are still plenty of things that I would like to have in my flat, but I know that there is no real rush to get them. For example I would really like a dining table. I have not yet found one I really like and will fit in the space I have for it. So I’ll wait. And that’s fine. That’s part of the fun of creating your first home!

5. Enjoy it. 

Seriously, moving into my first home is one of the most exciting things I have done. I feel so proud of myself for making my flat feel like home, and I absolutely love the freedom. I love having my family and friends visit and it’s so nice to know that I am fully independent. 
Thank you to everyone who has welcomed me into my home and helped me out in any which way. I am so grateful 🙂 

Until next time! 

Emily x


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