My Favourite YouTubers! 

Anyone else here a real YouTube addict? Because I am one for sure! 

Today I though I would share with you my absolute favourite YouTubers, hopefully you’ll discover someone new to watch, or maybe you can recommend me some new people to watch! 

Beauty YouTubers

For Beauty and Encouragement: Kandee Johnson.

I’ve been watching Kandee since I was probably about 14 years old. Now I’m nearly 21, I feel like I’ve grown up watching her! She is an incredible make up artist and the most beautiful person inside (as well as out) that I have ever come across! 

For Beauty And Healthy Living Inspo: Annie Jaffrey

She is so beautiful and it isn’t fair! I am in love with Annie, and her videos are always massively inspiring. If you don’t want to immediately get up from her videos and make a green smoothie, there’s something wrong with you. She’s also great for natural beauty product recommendations! 


For Fan-Girling: Abookutopia

Sasha is awesome. She’s someone who gets way too emotionally attached to fictional characters, and I can relate! Watch her for recommendations. You won’t be disappointed! 

For Great Recommendations and Variety: TreeHouseRoad

Leslie took a little break from YouTube, but she uploaded the other day and I am so excited that she’s back! I’m lucky enough to have also been a part of one of her BeachBody challenges and can tell you on good authority, she is a downright wonderful person and mum! Her videos are always so nice to watch and I’ll always come away with about a bajillion extra books on my TBR! 

Money: Sugarmamma

Canna is a registered financial advisor and downright badass. She always gives useful tips on how to save and organise your finances without it being boring! She also talks a lot about minimalism, which is a topic that I’m really interested in! (Her son is just gorgeous too!)

Cooking: Laura In The Kitchen 

Cooking is my kind of porn. Seriously. I’ve made a few of her recipes now and I have her cookbook. You want a guaranteed delicious meal? Head on over to her channel. (Her Ferrero Rocher cupcakes are to die for!)

And finally. Just because I love him, he has a gorgeous voice, he’s funny and I’m lucky enough to call him my boyfriend. Things We Play. Mike makes gaming videos, be sure to check his channel out!

Who do you love to watch? I would love to know! 

Until next time

Emily x

Please note I do not own any of these images. 


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