What’s In The Box: Love Lula July Box

Me again!

Today I’m back with my monthly Love Lula unboxing. This month was a good one!


I  mentioned last month, that I thought the box was a little too ‘samey,’ so I was really pleased to see  a little  more variety this month. Plus,  3 of the items  were full sized!

The first item that really grabbed my attention was the ‘Barefoot SOS, repair and renew Ultimate youth serum’


Not only does this serum alone retail for £25, (the whole box only cost £12.50!) but  it’s one I’ve seen before and never gotten around to buying. I’ve been considering investing in a serum, but was  never sure which one to go for. Now is the perfect time to give one a try. 🙂

The next two items I am really excited about, are from a company called ‘PHB Ethical Beauty’ I mentioned this brand in my June Favourites post, because I tried their hand cream in last month’s LoveLula box, and loved it!

This month they included a  lip liner and eyeliner


The lip crayon is in the shade  ‘Tiger Lily’, the eyeliner is in ‘Black.’ I am especially excited to try the eyeliner, as I’ve long been on the look out for a good natural eyeliner. (It worries me a bit to think about all of the chemicals that are going into your eye with conventional eyeliner.)

The next item in the box was the ‘Bee Good, Youth Enhancing, Plump and Firm Moisturiser’


Now, I’m not quite sure if I need anti aging and firming products just yet, (I’m only 20!) But it’s always good to prevent, rather than treat!

Lastly, was a teeny tiny bottle of ‘Anti-Oxidant Face Oil from OOH!’


I’m rather intrigued by this oil, as I often use coconut oil on my face, but I’ve never tried Moringa oil. I have my fingers crossed that this is amazing!

I’m really happy with this month’s box, and I feel like it was amazing value for money! I  will be trying these products out over  the next few weeks, and let’s see if any of them make it into my July Faves!

Until next time.

Emily x


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