You Do Not Need Makeup

So I totally get it, makeup is fun. Makeup makes you feel confident, it helps hide imperfections and enhance your favourite features. It’s a way to express yourself.

But you don’t need it.

Nowadays ‘perfection’ (or societies idea of) is portrayed everywhere. From adverts on TV, to faces in magazines, to bloggers who seem to just wake up looking flawless. These exposures plant those little seeds that tell us that we need to have more chiseled cheekbones, longer eyelashes, flatter stomachs, a smaller waist, bigger lips, bigger boobs, and anything else you can imagine!

But that’s not okay. That’s not real. Models are a shit tonne of lighting, stylists, and God only knows how much photoshopping.

These ‘perfect’ looking ladies don’t actually look like that!

Of course, they are beautiful (everyone is in their own way!), but the difference with them is they have the right ‘look’, they are what the photographer wants to manipulate them into to create the desired image.


Stop comparing yourself to these people!

I absolutely have my hangups. I hate my teeth, I think I have a chubby face, among a million other things! But would I  change them? No.

They are what make me unique!

This week I decided that actually, I totally didn’t need to have a full face of makeup on every day at work to cover up the blemishes I have. It does not affect my ability to do my job. And actually, it’s been nice! Nobody has said anything mean (neither on purpose, nor accidentally.) My skin can breathe all day, which feels soooo good! Plus, it’s made getting ready in the morning so much quicker!

Now this doesn’t mean to say that I’ve turned my back on makeup. If I want to wear it, I damn sure will. But not feeling the compulsion to wear it everyday is freeing. And I like it. There is so much more to life than looking a certain way.

Please, just remember;





Slay gurl, slay.

Emily x


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