My Favourite Apps! 

Like everyone nowadays, my iPhone is constantly glued to my hand, and I rarely go out without it. I’m forever taking photos, tweeting, scrolling through my Instagram feed and generally wasting my life using this completely unnecessary piece of technology. And I regret nothing 😉

So today I thought I would share with you my favourite apps. (Aside from the usual Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc!)


The first app I love (and this one is actually useful!) is called ‘Clue’ this app is for tracking your lady times.

It shows you your current cycle, when you are likely to have PMS, when you’ll come on, and even your fertile window!

It also give you options to record how you feel each day, it then takes that data and analyses it so you can predict your cycle more accurately! 

I find this app super helpful for keeping an eye on your cycle so you’re not caught out! 


Snapseed is basically the closest you’ll get to photoshop for your iPhone, it gives you loads of options to make your photos look perfect! 

I love to run my photos through this app before I post on social media to ensure that they look the best they can!

MSQRD is basically even more fun snapchat filters that you can play with! Mike and I love this app, just to be silly! 

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an app which you use whilst you’re walking/running/cycling, it records how far you have gone, and then donates 25 cents for each mile you travel! You can choose which charity you donate to, and then at the end you get to see how much has been raised for the charity! 

There are loads of charities that you can choose from, so there is bound to be one close to your heart! I switch it up between ‘Stand Up To Cancer,’ ‘Girl Up,’ and ‘Charity: Water.’

It’s nice to think that whilst you’re working out to help yourself, you’re also helping others 🙂

These are just a few of my favourite apps! What apps do you love? 

Emily x


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