What’s in the box: LoveLula June 2016

Because I totally need more beauty products… 

I’ve been eyeing this subscription box up for a while but never actually decided to go for it until this month. 

I used to get Birchboxes, but stopped those a while ago when I found myself with a plethora of beauty samples that I either didn’t like, or just never got round to using. 

However, I decided to give the LoveLula boxes a go as they’re a natural beauty website, and as I haven’t used a whole bunch of natural beauty products and am eager to try more! 

This box is £12.50 a month.

First impressions were that I was massively impressed to see two full size products in my parcel! 

This is what I received this month:

PHB Ethical Beauty Lavender Hand Cream. 

This hand cream smells divine! I think it’s going to be the perfect ‘before bed’ hand cream because of its dreamy scent. I can’t wait to give it a go! 

The other full sized product was the Skin Blossom Gentle Face Wash. 

It’s going to take a lot to beat my favourite face wash, but I’m down to give it a go! 

The smaller samples were: 

Pure & Light organic skincare face cream which looks interesting! 

And a trio of goodies from Urban Veda. 

I’m very much looking forward to giving each product a try. Who knows what wonderful thing I’m might discover!

The only negative I can think of for this box is that perhaps the selection of products was a little too skincare heavy, I would have preferred a bit more variety as I did receive 2 face creams and 2 face washes. But I’ll give them all a go! 

Watch this space to see if any of these products are mentioned in my June favourites post at the end of the month! 

To check out LoveLula for yourself, Click here!

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? Which one is your favourite? 

Emily x


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