Review: The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson

To me, the sign of how good a book is, is how quickly I can read it. 

And trust me when I say, this one is a freaking brilliant book. I devoured it in one sitting. 

The boyfriend has been telling me as long as we have been together that I absolutely must read this book. (I’ve told him the same with The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho) So I added it to my mental list of things to read, but never got round to it. 

Then the other night just as he was on his way to his friends house, he randomly text me and said: 

“well, alright then, I’ll give it a go,” I thought to myself. 

Fast forward a few hours, and this happened:

I stayed up past my bed time to read this book! Naughty Emily!

This book, as it says on the cover, is ‘a journey through the madness industry.’ It talks about the list they use to determine if someone a psychopath, what their tendencies are, how their mind works, as well as following certain people’s stories and studies.

Ronson’s journey begins when he is contacted by a neurologist to investigate a cryptic book she has received in the post. 

From there he meets an inmate of a mental institution who swears he is sane, as well as doctors who study psychopathy, and other people involved in the industry.

(I’m totally not doing this book justice. It’s way better than I’m making it sound!)

Jon writes in a way that makes 3 hours of reading time feel like about 15 minutes. It made me laugh in places, but ultimately it’s just so darn interesting you will not want to put it down! 

I have told everyone I’ve seen in the past 2 days about this book. 

In all, this book totally deserves 5/5 stars.

Now go and buy it. 

I’ll speak to you in a few hours when you’ve finished it 😉 

Emily x 


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