Quinoa Cereal Recipe: AKA The Most Delicious Way To Start Your Day

When I tell people about my favourite breakfast, (which I do more often than you may have thought.. any excuse to talk about food,) their first reaction is, “sweet quinoa?! Yuck!” And honestly, before I tried it, I probably would have thought that the person who came up with this concept was on drugs, and probably would also make a recipe where you combine orange juice and toothpaste.

But ooooooh no my friends, this one is special.

It’s the perfect way to start your day in a sweet way that is also good for you!

Quinoa contains all 9 essential amino acids, so it is a complete plant based protein, meaning you’ll be fuller for longer, it’s also gluten free (you’re welcome coeliacs!)  As well as this, it’s high in fibre, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, B-vitamins, iron and a whole bunch of antioxidants!

And now I’m going to trust you with my super special recipe. (Inspired by breakfasts at Federal Cafe in Madrid and Barcelona…If you’re ever in those cities, you absolutely must visit!)

You Will Need:

  • Quinoa
  • Fruit/toppings for your cereal (I recommend; banana, dates, and dessicated coconut)
  • Milk (my personal favourite is coconut.)

The first step is to cook your quinoa. I will usually cook mine in the evenings and then put it in the fridge so it’s cold for the mornings. (I also cook it in a big batch at the beginning of the week so I don’t have to make it again later on! Keeping it in the fridge works perfectly fine.)

To Cook The Quinoa:


Step 1: Rinse your quinoa in a sieve. (It’s important to rinse it as this removes the natural coating on the grain which is what can make it taste bitter or soapy.)



Step 2: Put the quinoa in a saucepan along with twice the amount of water as quinoa.

Step 3: Bring water to the boil.

Step 4: Reduce to a simmer and cook until the water is all absorbed and the quinoa looks nice and fluffy. You shouldn’t need to drain any excess water from the pan.


Step 5: Transfer the quinoa to a container and put in the fridge to cool ready for tomorrow morning!

In The Morning:

Step 1: Spoon as much quinoa as you like into your bowl. Go cray. Seriously.

Step 3: Top the quinoa with whatever fruit or toppings you like! My personal favourite way to have it is with chopped banana, medjool dates, dark chocolate chips and dessicated coconut.

Step  4: Pour your milk in. (I find coconut milk works best for this.)

Step 5: Take a picture of your beautiful creation, post it on Instagram and tag me. (@EmilyGraceBridger) 😉


Step 6: Eat! Let this breakfast take you to pleasure town. Awwwh yeah.

And the best part of writing this whole post? I’m eating a bowl of quinoa cereal that I just made, right now.

Be sure to try it and let me know what you thought!

Emily x


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