Dry Brushing: Why You Should Be Doing It

I have long been a lover of dry brushing. And although I go through health and beauty rituals like they are going out of style, dry brushing is one of the few routines which has stood the test of time. (Others, not so much. Whoever decided taking a spoonful of molasses in the morning was good for you, was obviously joking.)Dry Brush

Benefits of dry brushing

  • Exfoliation of dead skin cells: Save yourself loads of money each year on expensive exfoliators, and invest your hard earned cash in a dry brush. Smooth skin guaranteed! (Oh go on then…  Treat yourself to a delicious smelling scrub too!)
  • Stimulating your lymphatic system: “What is my lymphatic system, and why does it need to be stimulated?!” I hear you ask. Worry not. Google has all the answers! ‘The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials.’ Just always remember to brush toward the heart. The lymphatic system is made up of lots of one-way valves. You want to push the toxins out, not clog yourself up! (anyone else get grossed out by the word ‘clog’?… Is it worse than ‘moist’ I wonder?)
  • Increased energy: As dry brushing helps increase your blood flow, you’ll naturally feel warm and a surge of energy will kick in. This is why I love to do it in the morning before my shower!

How do I dry brush?

Dry brushing is mega simple to do, and super quick too. (Though it’ll feel so nice you’ll want to do it all day!)

Step 1: Buy a dry brush. (Click here to see the one I  have. I bought this years ago, cheap as chips, and it’s still going strong!)

Step 2: Get naked! (I would do this in the bathroom, just for the fact that you will literally be a human waterfall for skin cells. I’m disgusting…I  know)

Step 3: Start at your feet, and brush in long, sweeping strokes up towards your heart.

Step 4: Keep going until you’ve brushed your whole body. Be careful on your chest and boobage area… they’re sensitive little (or large) things.

Step 5: Hop in the shower, do the shower dance, do your shower chores and wash off the dead skin you have just removed!

Step 6:  Once out of the shower, be sure to moisturise!

Seriously though, once you make this a part of your every day routine, you’ll love me forever for telling you to do it. (And really, that’s all I want in life)

And don’t worry if you skin goes a little pink after doing it. That’s totally normal and will go away quickly. Just enjoy it and take it as an opportunity to do a Miss Piggy/The Clangers impression.

And that’s it from me today!

Lots of love, Emily and her dry brush. X

dry brushing



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