Be Grateful

As I sit here, in this quiet and warm house, rain pouring outside on this June day. I’m struck with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  It’s so easy to think about the negative things in our lives. To worry about countless things that probably are not worth worrying about.  We become so preoccupied with going … More Be Grateful

Get Out(side)!

Question- When was the last time you went out, simply to enjoy the outdoors? When was the last time you visited your local park, woods or the beach? – If you have to think about it, it’s been too long. So many of us in our modern day-to-day lives spend the majority of our time indoors. … More Get Out(side)!

We Are 1 Year Old!

So Mulberry Grace turns 1 year old today! How time flies, hey? After the encouragement of my boyfriend to start a blog, and the help from the lovely Kathryn from KayaStewart for her tips and tricks for getting started, I took the plunge and set up this site. I’m so glad I made the decision a … More We Are 1 Year Old!